Me 2014


Since Shannon has come to visit and discovered the coffee shop near my house has internet Ive been jacked on coffee.
Take the good with the bad, I guess.
So I finally feel at home in my apartment, sure its lonely at times but generally Im content and relaxed.
I think this 80 degrees in January thing definately affects my whole outlook everyday,
I love sitting and reading on my porch smoking and drinking coffee in my boxers. (sorry for the mental picture)
I applied to Full Sail for Audio Engineering, I should get in no problem but that stinks Im in Florida for another year
then again I guess theres only so much time to live here anyway.
I hardly ever drink and besides Shannon and Lupo's stays with me I haven't smoked pot during the day time in over a month,
Im much more productive.

I like my new outlook on things.
I like my new job because I get to bartend.
I dont like being in lots of debt but Im slowly pulling myself out.
Im excited about school.
I want to go to montreal just not when its -15 degrees.
I guess at 20 I still dont know how to write a proper journal entry, still just list random thoughts.
Im thinking about getting a pit bull puppy.
I miss everyone, especially Cuge and Jess.
I hope when Shannon and I are done with school well move to Seattle.
Im curious about new Panic!.
Im addicted to The Office.
I wish Kimba was down here.
I love my brother, hes pretty awesome.
I wish Shannon was still here because of how much fun we had.

thats about it
Me 2014

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A combination of being out of my safety zone(Brighton) and the fact you find Marlborough's in a $1.50  discount bin at Walgreens in Florida, but I've been smoking alot again. which sucks.
And each morning my Father "breaks bread" with me and I feel like Im getting high for the first time again.
I feel as if I matured more in the last week than I have in years.
It's hard to read my friends page because it makes me want to be in Boston.
Me 2014

Happy 21 Pollock!

Florida was incredible.
My Dad was incredible.
My Brother was incredible.
My Sister was incredible.
My Grandmother was incredible.
Safety Harbor was beautiful.
Cassadaga made me uneasy in a good way.
"Skydiving" was incredible.
Smoking as much as I do at home with my Dad and Brother was pretty rad on top of it all.
We smoked above Busch Gardens and down the Wikee Watchee river.

I am moving somewhere between Safety Harbor and Tampa Sept. 1st by myself for a year.
Im trying to convince people to move with me. But I don't care if I go alone.
Im going to miss soo many people, but I can't fucking wait to get out of Boston for a year and focus a little.

Definately a good attempt to make 19 years alright. This is Me with my Father who I haven't seen since I was 6 months old.
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Me 2014

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I just called my Father and talked to him for the first time in my life.
He told me the last time he saw me I was in a baby seat at the end of
my Grandmothers driveway, and he was leaving before my mother could call
the cops. He said I gave him a "where are you going?" look.
Me 2014

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Post High School life without college could look like it sucks really bad to the average person.

But I appreciate every single boring day, hour and minute that I have.

I appreciate myself for the first time in my life.

I no longer find safety in numbers.

Now If I could just make music.
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Me 2014

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Being a waiter is ball busting but rewarding, I figure by January I'll have about 5 grand for my trip to Amsterdam/France.
Which is pretty sick.

I never wrote about how amazing Maine was, being there with Shannon, Cuge, Joe and Erick  was a mind fuck because I have been going there for like 11 years alone.

Also, I don't think anyone is prepared for the Christians and Lions album. After seeing them at Great Scott the other night I even realized I wasn't.
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Me 2014

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"As soon as I stood, I found words on my lips

but they burned out before christ

I'm a novel in flames

so take what you can

and run till my skin dont glow

everything I have is based on fantasy fiction

I was born in love with truth

there's deceit in my diction

I'd change the way that i learned to speak if I could

Tell me what you want and I will fashion it of stone

if I run out of raw material

I will finish it in bone"

-Yes, But Slowly
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Me 2014

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Living With Cuge, Joe, Mike, and Darrick my never get old or boring.
I like our little setup.

I've had premanent chills since I saw "Sexton Under Glass" monday.